Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peak color ranges from mid-state south.

Online Fall Color Reports provided by the Michigan Audubon Society and the Apple Tree Inn in Petoskey.

Petoskey Area: Overall everything is brown and yellow. The birches are almost bare along the northbound corridor to the Soo. Oak trees are yellow and pale yellowish brown-green. Aspen leaves are yellow, and the last few are fluttering to the ground. Elm are bare except the one or two hanger-ons. There is poor duck migration along the usually busy east coast of the UP. Geese are thinning out. Turkeys are getting hungrier and demanding we put the birdseed feeders out. Chickadees, Nuthatches and a persistent Downy Woodpecker are absolutely devouring every seed that is put out. A rare Robin or two have visited today (the birdbath is very popular this week!) Lots of skunk and raccoon activity. The doe and her young twins have begun to make nightly appearances, nibbling on anything green.

Leelanau County: About 30% of the trees have lost their leaves, another 40-50% or so are yellow/gold with some orange. The color is very dull. The rest -- believe it or not -- have not turned, or are just beginning to turn.Manistee: At or past peak in most areas of county. Lake Bluff is 90% to peak. All colors are showing; oaks turning. Yellows are probably at their brightest

Ludington: Peak color was last week, and last Sunday's heavy frost dropped the walnuts and chestnuts. Apples are almost all picked- colors are yellow to brown.

Kalamazoo, Calhoun Counties: Fall colors are at or just past peak. Oaks finally turned reddish browns. Most trees are holding their leaves, compared to counties just to the north. Rainy and cold weather have limited movement of the wildlife, although it is reported that about 5,000 Sandhill Cranes can be seen at the Michigan Audubon Baker Sanctuary.

Barry, Eaton and Ingham Counties: Cold and sunny days have brought out peak color last week. Oaks finally turned from green to reddish browns. Maples are showing many shades of yellow and light oranges. Wind and rain stripped about 20-50% of the trees of their leaves throughout this region. What leaves remain are showing splendid color.

Van Buren County: The windy wet days have taken a lot of color with it. Most trees have lost many of the leaves, but the yellows are hanging in there. The yellows are some of the brightest seen in years.

This will be the last color report for this year, but will begin their snow reports shortly for the upcoming winter season.

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