Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Color Wednesday

The leaf watchers of the Michigan Audubon Society are keeping a keen eye out for fall colors, reporting their findings to us each Wednesday. You can find them here, in All Things Autumn on, or by calling 800-442-2084 x 304.

As of today, prime viewing is still approximately two to three weeks weeks away. Color development in the region ranges between 5 and 10 percent.

Petoskey to the Soo: Maples are the predominant changers-yellow-orange-red.

Traverse City: Early color oranges are starting. Purples and reds are very few and far in between. Further inland, colors are just starting to pop.

Manistee: Less than 10% color; it has been windy so leaves are falling although they haven't turned yet.

Ludington: Colors are about 30% with lots of deep oranges. It has been windy so many leaves are being blown off the trees.

Newaygo County: Maples are starting to show some color, but the oaks are still green.

Eastern Allegan County: The area is still green with only smattering of color on a few trees.

Barry County: Less than 5% of the overall leaves show color, however, you will find pockets of light yellows and some orangish/browns in the low lying swampy areas in and around the Barry State Game Area and the Yankee Springs State Recreation Area.

Eaton County: The area is still green with little to no color.

Ingham County: The area is still green with little to no color.

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Judy said...

Starting to see a few leaves turn in the Ottawa County area, but very few!