Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Castle Farms hosts a very special couple!

Feeling patriotic after all of the holiday festivities this month? You're in luck! Today we have a guest blogger with a red, white and blue treat for you. Peggy Kusina from the beautiful Castle Farms in Charlevoix tell us the story about a very famous (miniature) couple that paid a visit to the property.

Garden Railway
"President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama miniature look-alikes paid a surprise visit to Castle Farms! Tipped off about the Castle’s magnificent Garden Railroad by Ray LaHood, U. S. Transportation Chief, the Obamas insisted on rearranging their schedule to include a visit to historic Castle Farms. Miniature President Obama and First Lady Michelle toured the Garden Railroad on one of the 36 G-scale trains operating on more than 1,600 feet of track. President Obama reported being most impressed by the miniature Round Lake, beneath the shade of Charlevoix’s historic railroad bridge. Mrs. Obama enjoyed the elaborate floral displays and cascading water fall. Having recently visited Buckingham Palace as guests of Queen Elizabeth II, the miniature Obamas pronounced Castle Farms Garden Railroad more majestic and magnificent than anything the British crown’s estate has to offer. A brief stop along part of the 1,600 feet of track allowed the mini President Obama to address his fellow constituents about the lovely gardens and regal towers of the Castle Railroad. He pronounced the expert engineering of the Garden Railroad’s tunnels and bridges a stunning tribute to the spirit of American “can-do”. One of Michigan’s top tour attractions, Castle Farms hosts self-guided tours of the Castle buildings, museums, grounds, gardens, plus the Castle Garden Railroad. Castle Gates open at 10 am, seven days a week, for a nominal fee.
Miniature Obama's

Model Train Enthusiasts are encouraged to visit Castle Farms for a viewing of the miniature President Obama and First Lady. Castle Farms Garden Railroad Club welcomes new members, and anyone interested in joining is encouraged to contact us."

Volunteers are needed to help build, maintain, and operate outdoor trains. For more information on how to join, or about the Castle Farms Model Garden Railroad Club, please contact Peggy at Castle Farms, (231) 237-0884, ext. 224, or drop her a line by email at

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