Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Color Report- Wednesday 9/28

Colors in the Cadillac area along U.S.131 are about 20 percent right now. The predominate color is still yellow and there are various shades showing. The maples are showing more orange and red now and the sumacs are a brilliant red.
In Mason County the ash are in full swing with color ranging from deep plum to orangey yellow. Some maples are just starting to show, some are blazing red, and  some are still green. There is about a 30 percent color change over all
In Eaton County the trees are still mostly green. Colors on M79 between Charlotte and Nashville are starting to show between 15-20 percent. The soybeans are orange-yellow in the area.
In Calhoun County the colors are still mostly green, with red maples showing some reds and the marsh areas showing some browns, oranges, and yellow. The best colors are in the swampy, low-lying areas. Staghorn sumac is showing bright reds.
In Jackson County, 10 percent of trees were showing fall colors. There are more colors in the marsh and prairie vegetation.
In Van Buren County the walnuts are about done. Maples are mostly green with a few yellow.

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Suzanne Collette said...

Michigan and Her Autumn Beauty... awwww.Thanks for the update.