Friday, November 4, 2011

Let The Hunt Begin!

Believe it or not, hunting season is here! With a few months of small game and bow hunting under some hunters belts and just under two weeks until firearm season kicks off, we are here to help you with all of your hunting questions. 

West Michigan has what can only be described as a smorgasbord for the outdoor enthusiast, and the fall season has two things going for it – fishing and hunting! The fall fishing opportunities are quite astounding as rivers from New Buffalo to the Mackinac Bridge witness the yearly salmon run, bringing travelers from around the country to tangle with these hard fighting salmon as they struggle upstream from Lake Michigan. If salmon are not your thing, the rivers and inland lakes are teaming with other sought-after species from perch and bluegill to walleye and northern trout. Autumn is a great time to wet a line up and down the gold coast.

The hunting seasons officially starts the first day of September with the early goose season, but small game season starts September 15. West Michigan’s upland hunting (Grouse and Woodcock) is literally unmatched and brings folks here to chase these high flying birds through the northern counties. In Michigan, few could deny that deer hunting is the bread and butter of the outdoor pursuits. Big deer can be found in many of southwestern counties like Berrien, Cass and Van Buren. The further north you travel, the numbers increase, and if you can make it to the Leelanau County you will find some of the best deer hunting West Michigan has to offer. Bow season starts on October 1 and firearm season starts November 15. West Michigan also has a very impressive waterfowl following with numerous waterways.

We have put together a comprehensive resource to help you answer any hunting questions you have! From licensing fees, to outfitter locations- you can find it all right here!

Happy Hunting!

Oh, and ladies- if sitting in a tree stand isn't really your style, that's okay! There are plenty of "deer widow" events happening around West Michigan for you to take part in. Find yourself the perfect getaway here.


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