Thursday, March 7, 2013

Add this to your next West Michigan trip itinerary: Charlevoix Walking Tours

 If you have seen the cover of the brand new 2013 Carefree Travel Guide, then you already know how absolutely beautiful Charlevoix is. Today, we are lucky enough to have guest blogger, Cathy Dewey from Beaver Island Boat Company to tell us all about the Historic Walking Tours in Charlevoix. Find out why this tour and stop in this historic city needs to be added to your itinerary for your next visit to Northern West Michigan!

Gangsters, gambling and galleries might not be the first words you would associate with Charlevoix but they have a permanent place in its history! The Charlevoix Historic Walking Tour takes you on an hour and a half tour of Charlevoix’s most historic locations.  The tour begins with a history of the famous drawbridge in Charlevoix. The current bridge has been in place since 1949 but there were 5 previous bridges, some of which were not the most efficient designs.

Charlevoix is surrounded by water which has always been their economic stability through fishing, lumber and boating. But you may not know that a famous actress went skinny dipping in Round Lake (want to know who? Go on the tour!) Or that it is home to one of the only rivers that has a current that goes both ways.

Find out how Charlevoix was known to many as a place to gamble or that famous gangsters, such as Al Capone, have a unique tie to the most beautiful town in America! From Art Galleries that were once where slot machines and banks stood; to a battle on sea and land, Charlevoix was never a boring little town.

The tour also includes history of famous architect Earl Young, including a history of 11 homes/buildings he built in Charlevoix. He even made a mark on the town through a unique boulder placements and hiding places.

Whatever brings you to Charlevoix, you can never fully appreciate this unique destination without knowing the great history behind it. Tours are only $14/adult and $12/child, which includes admission to the Harsha House Museum. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Beaver Island Boat Company office at 888-446-4095 or visit them at 103 Bridge Park Drive in Charlevoix.

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