Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Community Names Baby Giraffe Born at Binder Park Zoo “Dhoruba”

The results from Binder Park Zoo’s “Name the Baby Giraffe” contest are in! The community voted on four names for the youngster and the clear-cut winner was “Dhoruba” which means “Storm” in Swahili. Guests who visited Binder Park Zoo over the last few weeks could vote for their favorite name by dropping change, dollar bills, or Binder Park Zoo tokens into a tube corresponding with the name that they liked. All of the donations from the naming contest go toward the feeding and hand raising of the baby giraffe. Friends of the Zoo could also cast a vote online via Binder Park Zoo’s Facebook page through the Causes application. Four separate “Causes” were set up, one for each of the possible names. Voting was as simple as joining the Cause that corresponded with one of the names. After joining a Cause, members could invite their friends to join and had the option to make an additional donation, which would be added to the total for their favorite name.

Dhoruba has gained over 50 pounds since he was born and has grown to over 6 feet tall. He was 117 lbs at birth and was 5’6” tall. Gesi, the first baby giraffe born at Binder Park Zoo, can now be seen on exhibit with his mother, Jasiri. Since Dhoruba is being hand raised, he will be kept off exhibit where keepers can provide the best possible care for him.

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