Friday, October 15, 2010

Grand Rapids hosts Musical Chairs! Its not just for kids anymore!

What a beautiful afternoon we had here in West Michigan today.  The colors were at their most vibrant, the sun was shining, and it was the perfect fall temperature! I had the pleasure of taking a little trip to downtown Grand Rapids today to check out the musical chair event going on. What a neat idea! The Arena District, Fox 17 News and Huntington Bank were holding the event at Rosa Parks circle.  It was transformed into a massive musical chair game and they couldn’t have asked for a better day! As I arrived I saw all the chairs set up and people starting to trickle in; most of them not really knowing what was going on. People of all ages were invited to join, and after rallying some participants, the event began!

Although they didn’t need all the chairs they had down there, they still had a good showing. It was a completely free event for everyone involved thanks to the many sponsors! All of the raised proceeds were donated to Mel Trotter; a local non profit that provides shelter, food, clothing, education, biblical studies, computer-based learning, and work training and experience for men and women in need throughout the Grand Rapids community. The winner also won $100. Everyone who played had a great time and the winner even donated his money to Mel Trotter! How cool!
I hope your Friday has been as excellent as mine, and I wish everyone an absolutely fabulous weekend!

From the west side,
The final two! The winner is the man in the green!


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