Wednesday, March 2, 2011

West Michigan Wednesday

The months of February and March mark a rather unique time of year at the WMTA HQ. Not only are we suffering from the same bout of Cabin Fever as the rest of the mitten, but we're also in the midst of our busiest, biggest projects. As you know, Kelly and Judy have been crisscrossing the Midwest attending travel shows and spreading the good news of West Michigan. These shows are such fun, especially when we get to meet WMTA fans, but a lot of work goes in to gathering information, making packets, and loading the trailer, not to mention all the miles we've traveled. Nearly every day you can hear the merry chatter coming from the mail room in the afternoon as we circle the table preparing thousands of travel bags for you.A special high five to Judy and Kelly for rocking out the shows. Be sure to stop by one of our remaining shows to say hello.

Meanwhile, we're nearing the finish line for this year's West Michigan Carefree Travel Guide, the100 page publication full of useful planning tips and all 700+ WMTA Members. I have a love-hate relationship with the guide. It is a beast, yet it is my baby. It means long hours and meticulous attention to the tiniest of details, but it also means I get to learn so much about our members and see fabulous images of the state I love so much. Michigan is gorgeous! Gorgeous! How is it that we are so lucky to have crystalline snow in winter, blossoming buds in spring, lapping shores in summer, and fiery colors in fall? Really?

Celebrate West Michigan with us once again this week with West Michigan Wednesday. E-mail your photos to or post them on the WMTA Facebook Page, and we'll move them here for everyone to enjoy.
Grand Rapids in Winter by Jen Orr Bumstead, Shutterbug Photography
Winter by Jen Orr Bumstead, Shutterbug Photography

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