Wednesday, March 23, 2011

West Michigan Wednesday

Last night's unseasonable ice storm not only brought out the snow scrapers, but hopefully the cameras too! Trees are hanging heavily, laden with sparkling ice crystals. Unpack your winter wares, bundle up, and take some shots. It's West Michigan Wednesday!

If you have a West Michigan photo you want to share, whether it's of a dazzling landscape, a St. Patrick's Day parade, or any other image you've happened to capture, post it on our Facebook page or e-mail it to, and we'll post it here on the blog for everyone to enjoy. It's that easy!

Giveaway reminder! You have until this Friday, March 25 to enter our Frederik Meijer Gardens giveaway.

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We've been spotted! by Jennifer Orr Bumstead, Grand Rapids

Jennifer Orr Bumstead, Grand Rapids
Tawnya Shepherd, Memphis

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