Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Color Report- Thursday 10/6

The cool nights and warm days are making for some quick color changes in West Michigan! Colors all over the region are starting to pop and at a rapid pace! Make sure to check back every week for an updated report. 

Report from Traverse City: Colors around the lake are showing on 25-30% of trees, less inland.
Report from Otsego County: Around Gaylord, 40% color showing
Report from Wexford County: Around Tustin/Cadillac, colors are on 50% of the trees, many yellows and reds. The drive along US 131 is absolutely beautiful in this area.
Report from Manistee County: Trees are showing 15% color along the lakeshore, 20% inland. Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary reports many birds moving through along the lakeshore.
Report from Mason County: Take in Mason county's glorious color at about 35%. Many of the trees are supporting shades of yellow, red and orange. The ash, as always, are simply beautiful and the maples are just starting to change.
Report from Clinton County: Soybeans and corn are mostly yellow. About 10% color in trees, more along the Looking Glass.
Report from Ingham County: Color increases east to west, about 50% showing undertones of color, especially small trees and shrubs
Report from Eaton County: Soybeans and corn are quite yellow, however, trees are mostly green. There is more color in the NW corner, about 15%. As you head towards Lansing, trees are mostly green.
Report from Jackson County: Area around Waterloo Recreation Area and Michigan Audubon Haehnle Sanctuary showing about 25% color in the upland forested areas. Marshy areas are at peak color, keep your eyes open for sandhill cranes foraging in fields.
Report from Muskegon County: Colors have really come along in the past week! About 40% of trees showing, about 3/4 of them yellow, the rest orange/red.
Report from Calhoun County: About 30% of trees showing yellow undertones in the upland areas. In the wetland areas, swamps and marshes are a wide variety of yellows, browns, and reds. These areas are nearing peak. A nice color drive is I-69 between Marshall and the Bellevue exit. CraneFest is this Saturday at the Kiwanis Youth Recreation Area.
Report from Barry County: Areas around Gun Lake are showing undertones of yellow. Cruise some of the back roads in the swampy areas and the tamaracks are starting to show some yellow, many red maples have turned. Poison sumac and other shrubs are a spectrum of colors, from deep purples, to reds, yellows, oranges. Trees are still mostly green, probably 95%.
Report from Van Buren County: sumacs are red, maples are turning into golden yellow or red, look for osage oranges on the road. Walnut leaves are about done and few walnuts on the ground. Generally color is showing @30%
Report from Kalamazoo County: Colors are still mostly green, 5-10% of the trees are showing color, mostly small trees like sassafras.

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