Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Color Report- Wednesday 10/12

Report from Traverse City: Colors are showing on 50-60% of trees.
Report from Otsego County: Around Gaylord, 50% color showing
Report from Wexford County: The area is at peak, possibly just past peak as leaves are starting to fall from trees. A great drive is US131 between Tustin and Cadillac.
Report from Manistee County: Colors along the lake are approaching peak, 40% of trees showing color
Report from Eaton County: Southern Eaton county showing 50% color, farm fields are crispy yellow!
Report from Jackson County: 60% color, nearing peak colors around the Waterloo State Recreation Area and Michigan Audubon Haehnle Sanctuary. Keep an eye open for Sandhill Cranes in the area!
Report from Muskegon County: This coming weekend will probably be peak color, they are at 50% color from north to south in the county. About 30% yellows, 15% oranges, 5% reds.
Report from Calhoun County: In the area between Marshall and Bellevue, color is approaching peak, 40-50% of the trees showing some color. The farm fields in Convis township make for a nice foreground for trees that are changing. Look for sandhill cranes foraging in the fields.
Report from Barry County: M78 between Hastings and Nashville 40-60% color, oranges and reds.

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