Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Color Report- Wednesday 10/19

Due to the warm temperatures of last week and the high winds that blew through this week, the fall colors are certainly confused. The winds have blown quite a few leaves off of the trees, and there are some spots where trees are still completely green.
Report from Traverse City: 75% to 100% Peak Color inland
50% to 75% Peak along the shoreline
Report from Manistee County: Along the Lakeshore the colors are at peak, about 1/3 of trees showing any green
Clinton County: Rain has caused some leaf off, mostly near peak color, about 50-75% of the trees showing color.
Report from Jackson County: conditions are past peak, winds knocked off a majority of the leaves that had color. About half the trees are missing leaves, of the remaining half, of those showing colors, what is still "green" shows strong undertones of yellow.
Report from Muskegon County: Peak is here and due to recent winds, leaf off has begun. Of the trees remaining with leaves, 50% are showing color.
Report from VanBuren County: Due to winds along the lakeshore, most of the leaves have fallen. Inland, various trees are still at peak or just about there.

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