Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Restaurant That Has Become an Obsession

Our where to eat this week is being brought to you by yours truly (ahem, thats me, Kelly) :). Usually we have a restaurant’s representative write to you about their restaurant, but I just had to take the time to tell you about one restaurant that I just can’t stop eating at. Really, I’m beginning to think it’s becoming a problem.

San Chez in Grand Rapids always intrigued me. I used to walk by all the time and be mesmerized by the cracked egg stickers plastered on the windows. I would think to myself “What is this place?” Finally one Sunday last March I stopped thinking this and decided to try it out with some friends. Best decision I ever made.

As you walk in the front doors you have 3 options. You can turn immediately to your left into the café, walk a little further forwards and take a left into the take out area, or take a right into the Tapas Bistro. Upon my first entry I went to the immediate left. After being seated, we were greeted by the extremely friendly staff and ordered a pot of French press coffee. I LOVE French press coffee- in fact, I think love is an understatement. So really from the beginning, they had me hooked. I ordered the French toast which came out in a piping hot skillet and tasted like heaven in my mouth.

Fast forward 11 months -- I have ordered just about everything off of the menu by now, and there has not been one item that I do not like. My absolute favorite though is the Chicken and Apple Panini. You wanna talk about a good sandwhich? This is it. I am telling you, I talked about it the whole rest of the day after I ate it- no joke. Made with Grilled chicken tenderloins with bacon, apples, pecans and organic greens topped with Swiss and Manchego cheeses, homemade pesto and horseradish alioli—seriously it can’t get much better.

San Chez is not just good eatin’, they practice responsibility within the Grand Rapids community as well. Their website says it best, Before San Chez, a Tapas Bistro opened its doors in November 1992, owner Dan Gendler incorporated the importance of community service in his original business plan. He believed that we must view our community as importantly as we view our profitability. Years later, that commitment remains strong.”

I highly recommend the next time you are in Grand Rapids you stop by San Chez located on the corner of Fulton and Commerce Ave. You can order off of their breakfast and lunch, drink, tapas, dessert, or childrens menu, and none of the food will disappoint. They also cater cocktail parties with their tapas size portions and are sure to be a hit with any crowd.

For more information about San Chez, visit our website.

Stay warm in the storm!


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