Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Idea Round-Up

Crisp and cool microbrews are certainly on the minds of West Michiganders this week. Stouts, pale ales and everything in between were represented in your answers, a tribute to the quality and sheer quantity of fabulous brews in our fair state.

Last spring, a large group of friends and I migrated south to Raleigh, North Carolina for a wedding. As we explored downtown, I was amazed at how many Michigan beers were featured on the menus of local dining establishments. One well known BBQ joint had three or four on tap! Trust me, Mitten brews taste just as good with pulled pork and hush puppies as they do with a burger and fries.

So which lucky West Michigan Weekly winner will be celebrating the wonderful world of hops next weekend? Noah!

Congratulations, Noah. You're this week's winner!

Simply e-mail your contact information to, and you'll be set up with this brew-tastic prize.

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