Thursday, December 15, 2011

Featured Lighthouse #10- Frankfort North Breakwater Light

This 67-foot tower was built in 1932 and is mounted at the end of a pier just north of Betsie Lake. It replaced an earlier light that was constructed in 1873, which sat along a wooden pier and had an elevated catwalk. The original pyramid style lighthouse was increased in size with a two-story, 25-foot addition.  A door located halfway up the current steel tower suggests that at one time an elevated catwalk may have been proposed to connect the lighthouse to shore, but was never actually built. Frankfort's light still shines from its cast iron lantern room with a fourth order Fresnel lens, with a focal plane of 72 feet, visible for 16 miles in clear weather.

Although the lighthouse is not accessible to the public, it is still a great lighthouse to snap a picture of from land or sea.

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