Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Featured Lighthouse #4- Grand Haven South Pier and Pierhead Inner Lights

Established as a federal lighthouse in 1839, the Grand Haven light was first constructed at the south side of the mouth of the Grand River. In 1855, a new lighthouse was built on a high bluff located east of the shore. In 1875, the original fog signal building was reconstructed at the end of the South Pier. In 1905, the South Pier was extended and the fog signal building was moved to its end. At that time, the current 52-foot high conical South Pierhead inner tower light was constructed.

The tower and fog building, each with their own light, are connected along the pier and to the shore by a long catwalk. The Grand Haven South Pier Lighthouse is an operating lighthouse at the end of the pier, an extension of the Grand Haven boardwalk. The pier is open to the public year round, but weather conditions can make the pier unsafe for pedestrians during winter months, storm conditions and high winds. The lighthouse is not open inside because it is an operating lighthouse, but the public can walk up and around the lighthouse.

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