Monday, October 20, 2014

Think You're Brave Enough to Make it Through The Haunt in Grand Rapids this Halloween Season?

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We've heard reports of grown men crying, groups demanding to be let out before they've reached the end, and even those who needed a new pair of pants by the time they reached the end... Sound like fun to you? The Haunt in Grand Rapids delivers world-class scares, and should definitely be on your "Must List" of Halloween activities this year!

Now on their 14th year of scaring the people of West Michigan, The Haunt has perfected the art of terror. As you make your way through their 20,000 square feet of scares, you'll encounter whatever it is that lurks in the back of your brain & shows up in your nightmares. Clowns, zombies, spiders, ghosts, and more lurk in the shadows, just waiting for you to come closer.

You'll feel immersed in the atmosphere as soon as you arrive in the waiting area, where the Haunt Dancers will entertain you & set the mood as you wait to be admitted to the main attraction. Only six people at a time are admitted, so be prepared to split your group up if it's bigger than that. The Haunt itself takes about 25 minutes to walk through, but feels like much, much longer than that as you weave your way through their maze of surprises.

The Haunt takes pride in preying on all of your senses as your journey through. You'll be disoriented by strobe lights, unnerved by noises where you're sure nothing was lurking, and even startled by the brush of an unseen monster. The Haunt enforces a "no touching" policy among its workers, but there are a number of props that could reach out & get you, just when you thought it was safe. Also adding to the realism of the experience are the smells you'll encounter. They got a new scent to use in The Haunt this year, and I'm told its official name is "Raw Sewage," so try to prepare yourself for that encounter!

You'll travel through setting after setting on your journey through The Haunt, moving from a forest to a cave, from a sewer to a graveyard, always building the excitement and suspense in your head. There's no time to rest and recover; once you're in, you're in until the end. You'll definitely want to bring along a friend or two to help you make it through, but don't be surprised if you find yourself separated from the rest of your group...

We obviously can't give away too many of the surprises here, so take a look at their schedule for the rest of the season and plan your visit! Tickets for all three of The Haunt's attractions are $20, with the option to upgrade to a SpeedPass and skip the lines for an additional $10.

The Haunt is located at 2070 Waldorf St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544. For more information, visit them on Facebook, or online at

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