Monday, October 27, 2014

Traditional Turkeyville With a Twist

Four generations of tradition at Cornwell’s Turkeyville…Some things will never change. Grandma Cornwell’s pie recipe, the country setting, time honored turkey dinners, the friendly family atmosphere, and the Cornwell family’s commitment to their guests: “Homemade and Happy”. Cornwell’s legacy began 45 years ago with Grandma and Grandpa. Son Alan, wife Joie and children continued the Turkeyville legacy as the second generation. Today, third generation Cornwells, Blain and Patti, preserve the tradition and legacy with assistance from fourth generation daughter Elyse.

Having added a few new twists…Some things change for the better. Moving forward, the changes are subtle yet significant, always made with the guest experience in mind. Adding turkey burgers and wraps to the menu has been a huge success. Changing the flour to rice flour in the gravy to allow the gluten free guest the ability to enjoy gravy with their turkey dinner. Eliminating dyes and coloring from our cooking to create healthier dishes, all without changing the flavor you have come to know and love.

Stepping up the Dinner Theatre…..Some things change with a new vision. “This isn’t your Grandma’s dinner theatre anymore!” says it all. Twenty five years in the dinner theatre industry, Cornwell’s dinner theatre has taken it up a notch with more interactive shows, including “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Newlywed Game,” and Murder Mysteries. All of these shows allow guests to participate and have more fun. The 2015 season is one of the best with Broadway style musicals, clever twists and a family atmosphere which will entertain multi-generations.

Enhancing the Gift shop with a traditional toy store….. Some things change when going back to the good old days. Cornwell’s gift shop is known for its unique and interesting gifts and trinkets. The smell of the bakery, the old time candy, Turkeyville products and extensive inventory hasn’t changed. Guests can still find that perfect gift, the uniqueness that can’t be found at a box store, and usually something that sparks a memory from their past. Cornwell’s has enhanced its gift shop with a traditional toy store. Just in time for the holidays, those who would like to go back to a more traditional and fun time will find the toys they remember.

Thanksgiving Day with the family….. Some things change to create new traditions. Come and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Cornwell’s Turkeyville. As things change: your children can’t make it home for the holidays so there is just the two of you, your family has grown too big for your home, or you are just tired of hosting and want to enjoy the family time, Cornwell’s is here for you. Offering a complete family style turkey meal on Thanksgiving day. The friendly staff and mouthwatering food allows the entire family the opportunity to sit together and appreciate each other.

Continuing with the family traditions that Cornwell’s Turkeyville hold dear, creating new traditions for you and adding a little twist to keep it interesting, Turkeyville traditions with a twist brings homemade and happy to all who visit.

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