Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Is Merry at the Cherry Tree Inn!

After a long day of traveling a few weeks ago, Shannon and I were absolutely exhausted to say the least! With our final stop of the day approaching, we were thrilled it was the Cherry Tree Inn and Suites in Traverse City.

Upon entering the front doors we made our way to the front desk only to be greeted by  Holly’s (the fabulous front desk greeter) smiling face and fresh chocolate chip cookies. What more could we ask for? We checked in and made our way to our suite. We were like giddy kids when we opened the door. It was a beautiful room with the most amazing view of the Grand Traverse Bay. We even had our own walk out porch. Our room was equipped with two queen size beds, a kitchen table, small kitchenette, a flat screen TV AND a TV in the bathroom! Talk about awesome. 
We made our way back down to the lobby so we could get the full tour from the wonderful general manager, Jonathon. He whisked us away and showed us the full lay of the land.

We started the tour by checking out the breakfast area. Shannon made herself right at home by acting out her own cooking show at the cherry-tiled island that seemed to be the focal point of the room. As our empty stomachs imaged the kitchen full of breakfast foods we anticipated the next mornings breakfast.

We left the breakfast area and started checking out some of the different rooms the hotel offers. There are 22 different types of rooms that can be reserved at the Cherry Tree Inn. Now that’s a lot of choices! We toured an apartment room that included a living area, kitchenette with stove, full fridge and oven, and a full bedroom. Next we checked out what I like to call “the penthouse”- this room was bigger than my apartment! With a full kitchen, full living area, wrap around porch, and full master bedroom, bath and Jacuzzi tub, this room was excellent. We looked at a few more rooms in-between and each one was bigger than the last! We didn’t have enough time to hit every room, but we can imagine they are all just as wonderful.  The last room we looked at was a conference room that is available for the public to rent and it is the perfect size for a small meeting or group get-together. This place has it all!

We made our way back down to the lobby. On our way down we encountered a pizza delivery man in the elevator- again, we were REALLY hungry. We decided right then and there that was going to be our dinner. Trying to keep our mind off of food we went and checked out the pool. It was the perfect size and even had a hot tub connected to it. The best part you ask? The newly installed infrared sauna. Shannon and I later found out that sitting in the sauna for 30 minutes is the equivalent to running 2 miles. Well, that is calorie loss wise- getting your heart rate up, not so much. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves.

Back to the tour, sorry I tend to veer. We walked back through the lobby and ended up in the sweet shop. A quaint little room packed with chairs and tables decorated with metal cherries and a wall full of sweets, ice cream, and various hygienic items.

We enjoyed our tour very much and really enjoyed the hospitality of the whole staff. Once back to our room we ordered that pizza we so badly wanted and made our way down to the hot tub and sauna. Our pizza came; we went back to our room and snuggled in for the night. We enjoyed some delicious moomers ice cream the hotel offers and fell fast asleep.

7am came way to fast! Shannon and I both noted that we slept extremely well- this could have to do with the fact that the foundation of the hotel is made completely of cement, making it extremely quiet. We hurried up, got ready and made our way down to the breakfast room (a moment we both had been waiting patiently for). Doughnuts, waffles, cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt and cinnamon rolls, greeted us. Our frustration of being up early quickly went away. 

Between the wonderful hospitality of the hotel and the superb amenities, the Cherry Tree gets two big thumbs up in my book!
My favorite part? Everything about the hotel stays true to the infamous Traverse City cherries. Not only the name, but the d├ęcor as well. From the cherry painted dishes at breakfast to the carpeting decorated with cherries- this hotel is decked out in Traverse City’s favorite fruit!

Say, would you like to win a prize?

This week we are giving away a one-night stay in the beautiful good harbor bay studio. This is one of the 22 different room options at the Cherry Tree Inn and Suites. This beautiful room includes one king pillow-top bed plus sofa sleeper, in-room spa, fireplace, LCD TV, and kitchenette! A perfect getaway for you and a loved one!

Tell us what your favorite Christmas carol is and why and you will be entered to win! Check back on Friday to see if you are the lucky winner!

Cherry Tree Inn and Suites is located 2345 US 31 N. Traverse City, MI 49686


Joe said...

You Ladies are awesome!!
Great article and photos!
Thanks for including the address with your story.
I think EVERYONE should read your Blog!
Thanks for helping me explore mimichigan, right from the comfort of my home!!!
Keep up the good work!

Angela said...

A getaway any time is ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Sheryl said...

We stayed @ the Cherry Tree Inn a few years ago during the Epicurean Festival in Traverse City. We had a lovely room on the bay. Your staff was very friendly and helpful! We loved our stay there and would definitely love to stay again ♥ My favorite Christmas song is "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year".
Thank you!

Sam said...

My favorite Christmas carol? It's been the Little Drummer Boy since I was a kid.

I guess it was because I grew up in the middle of nowhere with nothing really to our family name. We were loggers, going back generations, and we didn't have fine presents to lay out before Jesus Christ. We just had us, and our faith, and our abilities.

That's what the Little Drummer Boy had. Man, he just went to town on that little drum of his... and it was what made the young king smile.

It's a great carol. I love it to this day.