Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel Shows

Yesterday felt like Christmas at the WMTA office, which was appropriate since I was posting holiday editorial on yet inappropriate since it was only November 1st. In the afternoon, our fearless leader, Rick Hert, pulled into the parking lot with our brand spanking new travel show trailer! Yea!

Isn't it beautiful? Oh, it looks like a Ford truck ad. WMTA: Built Ford Tough.

Nonetheless, each year, we visit eight travel shows throughout the Midwest, merrily distributing member brochures and West Michigan information, maps, and stories with others who adore America's High Five like we do (That's Michigan, folks. Get it? I love our state). Our fancy new trailer will make the whole process easier in all regards except parking in Chicago. Even better, we'll be getting the trailer wrapped in glamorous West Michigan graphics so you'll be able to spot us coming from a mile away. See? Just like Christmas!

Mark your calendars now so you'll be sure to visit us at the following shows and check out our new toy in the coming months.
  • January 22 | Breton Village, Grand Rapids
  • January 26 - 30 | Chicagoland Outdoors Show
  • February 4 - 6 | Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo, Lansing
    February 24 - 27 | Outdoorama, Novi
  • March 11 - 13 | West Michigan Women’s Expo, Grand Rapids
  • March 18 - 20 | Fort Wayne Outdoor Sports, Cabin & Lakefront Show
  • April 28 - May 1 | International Women’s Expo, Novi
  • October 2011 | Indianapolis Outdoor Sports, Cabin & Travel Show
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