Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spending time with Lake Michigan

I have a confession, readers. I am a West Michigan transplant. Yes, until a few short years ago, I called the east side of Michigan my home, hailing originally from Detroit proper. I love the whole of the Mitten, but there's something wonderfully enchanting about the west side, about its quiet beach communities, its cultured cities, and the way people move through their lives at a completely unique, slower pace.

As I build my life here, I notice more and more how Lake Michigan casts a certain spell on West Siders. They seem to have a real relationship with the lake as if it were a long time friend. Again, Detroit has its own Great Lakes and rivers, but the pull and fascination of the water doesn't weave itself through every day life in the same way.

Thinking upon how I deal with stress during the holiday season (as is this week's giveaway question), my answer must be that of a true West Michigan resident: I make a pilgrimage to Lake Michigan. This weekend, I went to Grand Haven's City Beach for a chilly romp with Rufus (the world's most adorable beagle). As he ran laps on the dog beach, jumping into the waves after a stick and frolicking about in his puppy way, I enjoyed the waves crashing, the sun setting, and little pools forming where the recent winds pushed and pulled the sand into dips and ripples.

I can think of nothing more relaxing than that.

High five,



Lana said...

Agreed! I moved up from Toledo almost 2 years ago and can relate to all you wrote. The Lake has a very relaxing quality to it :)

Judy said...

Oh, Shannon, you are right on the money, West Michigan is the best place to be, for me coming from the other side of the Lake, (Milwaukee) West Michigan has so very much to offer!! We love it here!! :)

Jill said...

Even after having lived in Texas for thirty years, I miss the big lake almost as much as I miss spending time with old friends.

I grew up less than five away from the beach so it was a pretty important part of my young life. Besides swimming and playing in the water, we socialized and ate at the beach. We had parties with bonfires. We learned about nature when we cut ourselves on beach grass or found interesting stones or driftwood. (It's my opinion that I'd be in better physical shape if I still had easy access to the beach and dunes for exercise!)

Lake Michigan does have a personality all its own. She can be cold and gray with waves whipped up by the wind or warm and inviting, albeit three months of the year at best!

Springman said...

Wonderful, imaginative photographs!