Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Weekend for Deer Widows!

Good Morning Blog-world!

Is your husband taking off this weekend to go hunting? Are you looking forward to just hanging out with your girlfriends? I know I continually say this, but here in West Michigan we are so lucky to have amazing events we can attend every day! I was thrilled to talk about some of the great girlfriend getaways going on this weekend on Fox 17 this morning. Check out the video below for some ideas- and for an even more comprehensive listing has everything you need plan the perfect "girls night"!




Jill said...

I understand there are some women who enjoy hunting as well. Seems like I read a year or so ago about an older lady in the White Lake area who annually brings home a deer. (Bags a buck?)

Hope ya'll (translation: you guys) have a happy Thanksgiving week!

West Michigan Tourist Association said...

What a woman!We love hearing stories like that! We understand that women like to hunt as well; we will have to find some events for deer widowers!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week as well!