Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Idea Round-Up

A whispy, white substance began falling from the sky today, causing a flurry of amusing Tweets throughout the West Michigan community. Yes, the first snow made its appearance this morning, drifting in the wind and disappearing like a short-lived dream, a promise of the winter ahead.

Are your skis polished and your wool socks darned? Are you stocked up on cocoa and other wintery treats? Have you made your naughty and nice lists? I certainly hope so, since the snow is in fact timed perfectly, helping us all get in the holiday spirit, for the first of the holiday shopping events are this weekend!

High five,


Pst... I'm picking the Meijer Gardens winner in a half hour. Make your last minute entries now!

Starting This Weekend

Friday & Saturday

Don’t Forget
Looking Forward

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