Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picture This: West Michigan Wednesday

Muskegon Lake
The low light of the setting sun glistening across the waves of Lake Michigan. Catching air in a brilliant stunt at a ski resort. A child aglow when coming face to face with a giraffe at the zoo. West Michigan is certainly full of amazing photo ops, and there's no shortage of photographers, professional and amateur, that are posed to capture each moment.

At West Michigan Weekly, we salute you and the images you create! We celebrate all the beauty our home has to offer, and this is why we have created a weekly photo meme as a way to share and spread what we are so lucky to see every day.

Introducing West Michigan Wednesday...

A meme is a grouping of cultural ideas. In this case, each Wednesday, West Michigan Weekly will transform into a showcase of images celebrating West Michigan. From 9 am Wednesday to 9 am Thursday, bloggers can post their images here using simple Linky Tools. It can be done in three easy steps:
  1. Copy the forthcoming West Michigan Wednesday icon to your blog entry or link it to West Michigan Weekly. 
  2. When the meme opens at 9 am on each Wednesday, a Linky link posted on the West Michigan Wednesday post will walk you through the photo loading process. 
  3. Visit West Michigan Weekly and take in the amazing photos!
Here are a few noteworthy photograph memes as examples:
Get those cameras ready, West Michigan!

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