Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to West Michigan Wednesday!

Good morning, West Michigan, and welcome to our inaugural West Michigan Wednesday. At the risk of being entirely redundant, this is a celebration of West Michigan via photographs. I whole heartedly believe Michigan is the most beautiful state, with such varying landscapes from our expansive lake and sandy beaches to dense forests and dramatic weather patterns. I also know that Michiganders love their state to a fault and have pride in it like no other. All this leads to an incredible variety of images, and that's what West Michigan Wednesday is all about!

Each Wednesday, West Michigan Weekly will transform into a showcase of images celebrating West Michigan. From 9 am Wednesday to 9 am Thursday, photographers can post their images with a link to his or her blog or Flickr (or any other webpage) using simple Linky Tools. It can be done in three easy steps:
  1. Copy the West Michigan Wednesday icon to your blog entry or link it to West Michigan Weekly.
  2. When the meme opens at 9 am on each Wednesday, a Linky link posted on the West Michigan Wednesday post will walk you through the photo loading process.
  3. Visit West Michigan Weekly and take in the amazing photos!
Please be patient with us this first week as we are also trying to figure out how it will work. If you have any questions, leave a comment or e-mail me at

Good luck and high five!



Springman said...

Great idea! I can't wait for more great photos!

West Michigan Weekly said...

Thanks for participating, Springman! I know I can always count on your keen eye and quick shutter.