Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Idea Round-Up

I have to admit that this weekend, I'm slightly torn. Many of West Michigan's communities are erupting in a collective winter hurrah with the next three days holding non-stop winter festivals. Reading your entries to this week's giveaway, however, has me wishing for the warming of spring. Morel mushrooms, boating on Lake Michigan, strolling our quaint coastal towns with coffee in hand. Well, I actually do the last one year round (what, where did this grande latte come from? Who put that on my desk?).

Our four lucky winners don't have to be torn, as they will have three great shows to attend in February, giving them the best of both worlds. Let us delay no longer and draw our winners.

This Week's Winners
Diane McGowan 
Mari Schuitema
Jeff Blum

What a great group! Each of you will be receiving two tickets to each of the following three shows: the Michigan International Auto Show (February 3 - 6), the West Michigan Golf Show (February 11 - 13), and the Grand Rapids Boat Show (February 16 - 20). Time is of the essence on this one, so e-mail me ASAP to claim your prize. Congratulations!

As for the rest of us, we can still attend these great shows, each taking place at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. A tip: the ShowSpan website (linked to each show above) often has coupons!
A weekend high five,


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Tina said...

Thank you!!

Mari Schuitema said...

Thank you for the tickets?